Kovács Nimród Battonage Chardonnay

ChardonNite at Etyeki Kúria on 15 June

Garden party to celebrate Chardonnay by more than 20 wineries– including Kovács Nimród Winery

Four Seasons Gresham Palace luxury hotel in Budapest recommends one visit to wine enthusiasts: Etyeki Kúria. The estate is only 40 minutes’ drive from the centre of Budapest, the wines are outstanding, the view is fabulous, the atmosphere is relaxed. The annual Chardonnay event is a great occasion to visit Etyeki Kúria.

Don’t sleep, drink Chardonnay!

Etyek wine region has an ideal mesoclimate for Chardonnay variety, and the wineries are well aware of this fact. Though after the huge success of the variety there was a counter trend not to drink Chardonnay (ABC – all but Chardonnay). Etyeki Kúria however kept on having a good relationship with Chardonnay, and to express their adoration, they created an annual event dedicated to the varietal. Around the shortest night of the year (St. John’s night or Szent Iván as it is called in Hungary) Etyeki Kúria offers a walk around tasting with several invited guest wineries all presenting their Chardonnay wines. The event later turns into an amazing,relaxed party – it is really worth staying.

ChardonNite 2024

Date and time: 15 June 2024, 17.00–23.30
Venue: Etyeki Kúria, 2091 Etyek, Báthori utca 21., Hungary
Programme: walk around Chardonnay tasting with more than 20 exhibitors until 20.30, then “Funky ChardonNITE” with Bon-Bon band
Guest exhibitors: wineries will bring their Chardonnay wines from every part of Hungary, just a few names: Babarczi Vineyard and Winery (Pannonhalma), Dubicz Winery and Vineyard (Mátra), Garamvári Vineyard (Balaton), Kovács Nimród Winery (Eger),  (Szekszárd), Sauska (Tokaj / Villány), Vylyan Vineyard and Winery.
Full list of exhibitors here
Tickets: 18 500 HUF / 48 euro / per person
Buy your ticket here: (in Hungarian but google can help)
Free shuttle is provided for ticket holders, but pre-registration for the shuttle is needed!
Ticket includes the programme, tasting of the wines but it does not include dishes, food products.
Wine glasses are to be rented, 2000 HUF cash is needed, which will be returned when the glass is taken back.
Attention: the event is only for guests above 18.
In case of questions, contact: event@etyekikuria.com
More about Etyeki Kúria

Etyeki Kúria Chardonnay event Juna Hungary

Kovács Nimród Battonage Chardonnay 2022

(in our cover photo)

Kovács Nimród Winery is situated in Eger wine region and often refers to the terroir as “The Hungarian Burgundy” due to the similar climatic conditions. No wonder the estate is famous for its Burgundian varieties,Battonage Chardonnay (yes, written with double “tt”) is the favourite of many wine enthusiasts throughout the country and beyond.

The 2022 vintage is on sale now, it was fermented and then aged in oak barrels for 15 months, on its lees. “This iconic Chardonnay has found a welcoming home in our sunny but cool Grand Superior certified Nyilasmár and Nagyfai vineyards, located in the village of Noszvaj. To produce an elegant wine that has both fruit-forward and silky characteristics, this wine was barrel fermented and aged on its lees.”

More about Kovács Nimród Winery

Nimród Kovács (Eger), one of the guest exhibitors
Nimród Kovács (Eger), one of the guest exhibitors

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