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About the authors

The first edition of Terra Benedicta, a comprehensive book on Hungarian wines were published in 2003 by Gabriella Mészáros, Gábor Rohály and András Nagymarosy. Gabriella Mészáros and Gábor Rohály were the ones who initiated professional Hungarian wine education, and they were also the first to obtain accreditaion from London based Wine and Spirit Education Trust. András Nagymarosy – who unfortantely passed away by now – were an instructor at this school and were a university professor as well. Gabriella Mészáros is still a very active personality of Hungarian wine life, she teaches, publishes books, gives masterclasses all around the country and abroad as well. The book is translated into English by Péter Lengyel.

New edition is coming

The new, revised and actualized edition of Terra Benedicta will be available from September. A concise history of Hungarian wine, special technologies in vine growing and wine making, places and time, grape varieties, food and wine in Hungary, wine regions of the country, sparkling wines, wines in diplomacy – and much more will be included in the beautifully illustrated album. The book is available from September for 12 800 HUF + postal cost, but if you pre-order it now, the price is only 9800 HUF + postal cost.

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A sample page from the chapter about grape varieties:

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