A day full of beauty – women’s wines at Sofitel Chain Bridge

Because they rely more on their instincts? Or because passion is reflected in the product? Or simply because “you are what you eat” can be applied to “you are what you make”? Whatever the reason is, there are many great female winemakers, and a wine event is dedicated to them on 7th March in Budapest in a marvellous venue, at Sofitel overlooking the river Danube and the glorious Chain Bridge.

Some argue that women are better in wine due to evolution: they must protect their child and in pre-historic times tasting skills were crucial to prevent the offsprings from poisoning. Others claim that women have better memories of taste and smell, while others believe that there are no differences at all between men and women regarding wine tasting. However we can see several examples of women who want to justify their right to be in a men’s world, they work hard, they are passionate and they don’t mind working far beyond the average working hours. Edit Szabó’s book called “Gyengébb? Nem!” is dedicated to them. We will feature five strong ladies, who will personally present their wines at Sofitel event.

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Mónika Debreczeni, Vylyan

Creativity and passion for art is reflected in every wine and every moment of Vylyan Vineyard and Winery. Mónika was forced to lead the winery alone when her husband passed away, she first took the WSET diploma course, and soon Vylyan became one of the most important winery of Villány. The estate is worth a visit any time of the year, many events are held, and it is also joyful thing just to lie in the grass enjoying the view and the sight of the artistic barrels in the garden decorated by contemporary artists.

Edit Bai, Dereszla

If you visit Dereszla Winery, you will have the chance to taste countless samples from barrels and stainless steel tanks. Edit, head winemaker of this world famous winery feels at home in the wine processing plant, she knows all the barrels like a mother knows the ability of her kids. Dereszla Winery and its younger sister, Henye is well worth a visit, they also have some lovely guest rooms and a wine bar, where tasting the new méthod traditionelle sparkling wine and the still wine made of Kabar grape is obligatory!

Zsuzsanna Babarczi, Babarczi

If you grow up in a winery, it is hard to escape your destiny. Zsusanna does not escape, but travels around the world to learn and taste as much as possible. The result is visible: wines of this relatively small family winery are more and more well known and we can find Babarczi wines on the wine list of renowned restaurants. Events are important, and the winery is open for visitors. Apart from the crispy reductive white wines now the winery has two red wines as well, and this new adventure seems to be a success, too!

Krisztina Csetvei, Csetvei Cellar

She studied marketing, but her fate was sealed when she spent her training period in a winery. She fell in love with wine making, and she never stops experimenting. Her Ezerjó wines are vinified in three different method: barrel, stainless steel and amphora. She works hard to make Mór wine region more popular, and the events, what’s more festivals at Csetvei Garden attract hundreds of people to this small town. Napholdcsillag (‘Sunmoonstar’) is a blend expressing Krisztina’s love of life and wines.

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