A day full of music and wine with Lajvér Estate

A day full of music and wine with Lajvér Estate

25 August, Szekszárd

Lajvér Estate invites winelovers for a special event at their fabulous estate. Guests will be entertained from 1 pm within the state of art winery and the surrounding vineyard in the picturesque village of Szálka in Szekszárd wine region. Gábor Krausz, the chef will conduct a cooking show, there will be free visits to the winery (pre-registration is needed) and you can listen to talent show winner Caramel, a Hungarian singer of great popularity and another band providing music that will surely make you dance. Plus a DJ will play music in the vineyard all day. Tickets cost 6000 HUF (20 euros), and include participation in the programmes, plus 3 tasting vouchers.

Tickets and more information: vendeglatas@lajverwine.com 

What to taste once you are there

The bouquet arrives with a rampant intensity, a rendezvous of taste molecules, with elderberry and fresh-cut grass embraced in a bittersweet cloud. It is at once green, fruity, refreshing, crisp and so fresh you could almost bite into it. As if we were walking through the market among crates piled high with fruit. In the mouth, lively acids prance about, the slight sourness of citrus fruits appears, as does nettle cordial. It is a vigorously lively wine, anticipating summer, for which you need a patio, a comfortable chair, good company… one bottle will never be enough.

Szekszárdi Rosé Cuvée 2017

Its colour strikes you like an accommodating summer raspberry cordial and you won’t be disappointed by its fragrance, either. Ripe raspberry, freshly picked from the prickly bush and its juices dripping. There’s a slight trace of caramelised sugar behind the fruitiness which only makes it more endearing and friendly. This returns in the taste as the impulsive acidic character and the creamy feel of alcohol, the fresh fruitiness and suave, sweetish flavour interplay. A slight effervescence has remained in it, it is still fresh after the second sip, the fruitiness is crisp, it tastes good on the tongue and when one takes the next draught.

Szekszárdi Merlot 2015

Its bouquet is such that we can say “Now that’s a merlot” – a little woodland fruit, a pinch of blossom with just a hint of spices. Everything is in proportion and in the right place. In the sip there is no exaggeration; the sweet spices of the barrel do not overwhelm the fruitiness of plums and blackberries and the acids pump up the wine’s vitality to just the right degree; I can detect the tannin, but as a whole the taste carries me off my feet softly, like velvet. At the very end the last, slightly bitter sour cherry-and-plum sip winks back at us, but only to inspire to take yet another: another sip of velvet doesn’t hurt anyone.

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