“A mindblowing Olaszrizling” from Szászi Winery

“A mindblowing Olaszrizling” from Szászi Winery

We have recently shared a video made by Exotic Wine Travel, the amazing ‘wanderer couple”, who had left their career back behind in Singapoore to make the whole world their home. This time they share their discovery of Lake Balaton. We know that this lake has the most beautiful blue colour in the whole world, and it’s great to see that Charine Tan and dr Matthey Horkey found Balaton fascnating as well! The north shore of the Balaton Lake has several vineyards planted on the extinct volcanos around Csopak and Badacsony. We recently spent a few days in the region and can’t wait to go back” – say the travelling wine experts. In their video they show a visit to Jásdi Winery, Csopak, and the second visit is to Szászi Cellar in Badacsony region. They are amazed by both wineries, for example by the “intellectual, top, great” wines of Szászi, especially by Kabócás Olaszrizling, a single vineyard Welshriesling.

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