Dominum Adél Mátra wine, Hungary, 2021

A rendezvous with a lady called Adél?

The Best Sustainable wine from Dominium (Mátra) at Budapest Wine Festival

We have recently recommended some great wineries exhibiting at the most spectacular outdoor wine event in Hungary on 7–10 September. Since then, we have been informed that some new estates had been added to the list of the exhibitors, therefore it is worth checking the list again here.

Booth No 88 – new discoveries

One of the extra booths is VinAgora Discoveries, a booth where the most outstanding talents of the latest edition of VinAgora international wine contest will present their wines. Both No 88 will feature Szalóczi Winery, Káli Balázs Winery, Pannon Tokaj and Dominium Winery. This latter one is situated in the volcanic and mountainous Mátra wine region and at VinAgora it received The Best Sustainable Wine award for their Dominium Adél 2021, a wine blend made with environmental conscious farming.

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Adél, the beautiful lady

Adél is made of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Furmint. The varieties aged separately in new oak for 8 months and after blending the wines matured in stainless steel for 4 more months. Only 1200 bottles were made and the indicative retailed price is around 23 euros. The jury at VinAgora mentions the following adjectives: rich, elegant, long finish, complex, fiery, concentrated. And the following notes: dried figs, quince, walnut, pistachio, tropical fruits, juniper, pine, lemongrass, toffee, gingerbread, brioche (and many more).

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