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A not-so-serious quiz about Portugieser grape

How much do you know about this indigenous variety?

Only 3 days are left to enter the wines to the 8th Portugieser de Monde contest. More info below the quiz!

Correct answers are below.

1. Which of the names is NOT a synonym of Portugieser?

a, Autrichien
b, Early Burgundy
c, Kraljevina

2. A Villány wine producer, József Bock is not willing to use the name Portugieser, since he is accostumed to the old name, Oportó. Therefore he uses a given name for his Portugieser wine. What is this name?

a, PuertoRico
b, PortaGéza
c, PannaCotta

 3. Which country has the most hectares under Portugieser wines?

a, Hungary
b, Austria
c, Germany

4. Another Villány winery, Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery makes one of the best “bistro wines” of Villány, their 2021 blend contains Portugieser 60%, Kékfrankos 30% and Kadarka 10%. What is the name of this community blend, made by several Villány winemakers?

a, Villányi RedY
b, Villányi Rouge
c, Villányi BlaBla

5. Another Villány wine producer, Vylyan Vineyard and Winery named its entry level wines under the character of a local legend about a pretty girl and the devil, who desperately loved her. The character is an animal, which one?

a, Cat
b, Unicorn
c, Goat

6. Does Portugieser come from Portugal?

a, Yes, it was Christobal Columbus, who brought some vines with him from Portugal on his way back from exploring America.
b, No, it originates from Villány, this why Villány has organized Portugieser du Monde for 7 times already.
c, Not likely. More likely that it originates in Austria.

7. Is Portugieser Tasting Festival on 23 April an expensive event?

a, No, not at all. It costs only 6900 HUF (18 euros) on the spot and 4900 HUF (13 euros) in case of advanced purchase.
b, Yes, it is one of the most expensive events in the world, a ticket costs 6900 euros.
c, Yes, and guests should bid on tickets…

Correct answers

  1. c – Kraljevina is often mistaken for Portugieser, it is a similar grape in Croatia.
  2. b – PortaGéza, of course:) More info here.
  3. c – Germani has 4354 hectares, Austria has 2223, while Hungary around 1250 hectares.
  4. a – Villányi RedY is the correct name, more info here.
  5. a – ‘Macska’ stands for cat. Read the legend that impressed the name of some of the wines of Vylyan here. More about Vylyan Macska here.
  6. c – Source: Wine Grapes (by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding and José Vouillamoz).
  7. a – Certainly it is not expensive, in fact the price of a ticket is absolutely reasonable… More info here.

Cover illustration is made by Dániel Csordás.

Only 3 days left to enter your Portugieser wines!

Portugieser de Monde – even the smallest one counts

Only few international wine contests are restricted to one grape variety and if they do so, they concentrate on a popular international variety like Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. However Villány places emphasis on preserving ancient indigenousvarieties including Portugieser, which is grown almost only in the wine region within Hungary. They organanize the international Portugieser contest annually, this April the 8th edition awaits samples from the neighbouring countries as well. The jury consists of renowned wine experts from several countries. Winemakers can send young, easy drinking Portugieser wines, aged Portuguiser specialities, rosé, white or sparkling wines made of Portuguiser or Portuguiser based blends.

After the contest consumers will have a chance to taste a wide range of Portuguiser wines in the city of Pécs, not far from Villány.

Deadline for entering: 31 March

Tasting Event: 23 April, Pécs, Magtár Event Centre

More information:

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