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Bock Estate

A Family Concern

The Bock family has been growing vines and producing wine in the Villány wine region since 1850. A love of wine and the winemaking craft has been handed down from father to son over nine generations. At the beginning of his career József Bock harvested just over 0.5 hectares. Today he processes 145 hectares, producing 36 types of wine.

To this day the Bock Estate operates as a family concern. József Bock runs the company together with his  children, and hopes that his grandchildren will join them. Their work has earnt them numerous awards, including the national award for the most beautiful Wine Estate in 2014.

Bock Vineyards

Our wines are made from grapes grown on Villány’s prestigious slopes: Jammertál, Ördögárok, Fekete-hegy, Bocor, Csillagvölgy, and Kopár. We carry out eco-production over our land, meaning that we employ solutions that are gentle to the soil and plantlife. Painstakingly picked, the crop from our own 75 hectares and another 70 hectares of integrated land arrives each year at our processing plant, which is equipped with the latest technology and where 6-7,000 hectolitres are made annually.





Bock Syrah 2016

A special limited variety from the Bocor vineyard. Part of the selection wine family, following fermentation it is matured in new oak barrels for 18 months. It is characterized by a garnet-red colour tending to black, while in its aroma can be sensed sweet spices, overripe fruit and mint, which are accompanied by chocolate and vanilla achieved by the maturation in new barrels. 


Bock Cabernet Franc 2015

A global variety that has found a home for itself in the Villány wine region. While in other parts of the world the Sauvignon is the primary Cabernet, in Villány the Cabernet Franc has come to the fore. Following fermentation it is matured in large oak barrels for 12 months. It is a deep red, full-bodied wine of dark intensity. It is remarkably complex in bouquet and taste, in which its fruitiness creates a harmonious unity with the aromas originating from the barrel.


Bock Ermitage 2013

The winery’s most popular wine. Made from grape varieties from the most beautiful vineyards in the Villány wine region, a cuvee of Merlot, Pinot Noir, Portugieser, Kékfrankos and Syrah built upon a base of Cabernet. It is matured in large oak barrels (70%) and used barrique barrels (30%) for 12 months. A wine characterized by its medium dark intensity and colour verging on the garnet-red paired with lightly spiced, red-fleshed fruits. The bitterness of the sour cherry with a light chocolate aftertaste can be sensed in its flavour.


Bock Cuvée 2014

The cellar’s flagship wine, a cuvee of Bordeaux wines: Cabernet Sauvignon (60%), Cabernet Franc (30%) and Merlot (10%). It is matured first for 24 months in new, small oak barrels after which it develops further for at least another year in bottles. Characterized by shades of deep dark red tending to crimson. It is a velvety, full-bodied wine: in its bouquet can be sensed ripe cherries and tobacco, while in flavour chocolate and vanilla appear alongside overripe fruit. 

Royal cuvée

Bock Royal Cuvée 2011

 In this wine the main varieties of two French wine regions from Bordeaux (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc) and from Burgundy (Pinot Noir) were brought together in a cuvée. This is matured for 24 months in new and used barrique barrels. Characterized by a crimson colour tending toward garnet of dark intensity; in its bouquet and taste one can sense sweet spices and overripe fruit and the aromas of chocolate and vanilla. 


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