Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery

Over 25 years of tradition

Our fully family run business has been in viniculture and wine production for dozens of year,  located in Villany, the Southernmost part of Hungary, which is also one of the most popular and acclaimed wine regions. We launched our first bottled wine in 1988, which made us one of the best known vineyards in the country. The Gere Tamas brand was first introduced 25 years ago, representing dedication to outstanding quality.

With vines set in 35 hectares our plantations are located at the best quality terroirs of the region. As an ambassador of quality we only produce bottled wines. Our yearly yield is between 250 to 300 thousand bottles ranging from white wines, rose and red wines. Our wines are part of the local Protected Designation of Origin PDO – DHC Villany.
Currently, roughly 80% of our production is dedicated to our basic range (DHC Classicus) and our selection range (DHC Premium) is only made in a few thousand bottles. Our turnover is generated mainly by the Classicus wines, which are distributed in supermarkets. Our small quantity prime range however is specially distributed into quality channels, such as gastro pubs and independent wine merchants.


Due to growth in demand, since the year 2000 we are continuously improving and expanding our production technologies and services. In 2002 our new bottling facility and our hospitality units were built. Further, in 2006 we added an Inn with a capacity of 20 person, to which we have now added a conference facility. The harvest of 2010 took place in our new state of the art processing plant with double the previous plants capacity.

Our main focus is keeping the signatures of the terroir mixed with traditional wine making of course. It is especially important to our Estate to preserve and popularise Hungarian varietals. Within these goals, our aim is to capture the characteristics and ambiance of Villany.



Hárslevelű Selection 2015

A favourite of the premium wine selection of the winery. The wine was made with reductive technology in 2015, though it was macerated for a whole day which increased the value of it. Elegant, unique wine from the terroir of Siklós. Deep aromas and the typical flavours of Hárslevelű grape.


Merlot Selection 2015

An outstanding member of the premium wine family of our winery. A serious wine for serious people. Elegant and layered, refined and elaborated to every single detail.

Villanyi Franc

Villányi Franc Selection 2015

It is not by accident that we have chosen Cabernet Franc when we were looking for the flagship variety of Villány. It is characterised by elegance and refinement with a touch of playfulness of Villány, which is made exciting by Villány terroir. Serious body, pleasant acidity and harmony – all these make the experience of this wine unforgettable.


Aureus Cuvée 2011

The prestige wine of the winery, which is made only in the best vintages. A blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, made with great care and attention. Its beauty lies in the balance. The objective was to find a perfect balance and create absolute harmony. A wine with great ageing potential.


Villányi Franc – Várerdő Cru 2011

An outstanding wine, the flagship of the winery. The grape for the wine comes from a cooler vineyard of Villány called Várerdő (’Castle forest’). After careful selection and fermentation the wine was placed in oak barrels for 18 months. Serious body and harmony characterizes the wine with some playful spices from oak ageing.


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