Apples and apple trees – stories from Hungarian ’Wine Society’

Before Christmas wine magazines are full of ’what to buy’, ’how the find the perfect gift’ articles, but Bortársaság wine store concentrated on a more adorable topic: family. A recently posted article interviews winemakers with their son or daughter about their very first wine. Touchy, lovely, must read! Bortársaság is probably the most important Hungarian wine store chain with 20 stores nationwide and webshop, plus – what is more important – with a selection of wines with personality. Bortársaság, the word is a translation of British Wine Society, which was an example for the Hungarian founders. And this wine store is one of the few with a regular, functioning wine magazine, and the articles are even available in English! It’s not a rare occurrence that during our winery visits to see sparkling-eyed young people plodding away next to the winemaker, initially observing from a distance, and with time taking part in the conversations more and more actively. Many of them grew up in front of our eyes and have become important figures in winemaking” – as we can read at the beginning of the article with the title ’The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. Several winemakers are asked, for example Attila and Andrea Gere from Villány (on the left) or Tamás and Bence Dúzsi from Szekszárd (on the right).
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