Are you a diplomat? Then you’ll get the best Hungarian wines!

An embassy is a little island of a nation in a foreign country. If we are proud of the local wines we drink, then we should send the same good wines to all the Hungarian embassies around the globe. Thanks God the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs agrees and – not depending on the ruling government – organizes a wine selection every year.


This year almost 200 samples arrived, the renowned experts had the hard and sweet job to choose the best ones. The main principle was to pick wines that are made of indigenous grapes (from the Carpathian basin) and ones that reflect our country. Of course the judges were keen on choosing wines that are of high quality and ones that are elegant and enjoyable all around the world. Hungarians love high acidity, but maybe our tongue is ‘calibrated’ to higher acidity then all the rest of the world – thus at the tasting this fact was taking into consideration.

The results are to be calculated yet, but since the editor of this site was member of the tasting panel, we can give some insider information.

The sparkling wines showed a great evolution, there were just a few, but all of them méthode traditionelle, beautifully made, and the majority were made of Hungarian grape – namely Furmint. And as the good scores prove: Furmint is an ideal base for sparkling.

Regarding the white wines, we can say that the aged, complex whites are mostly really great, however in the category with the highest number of samples, in the light, easy drinking, fresh white wine category unfortunately still some samples were found faulty. Regarding the red wines, we have experienced much less overoaked and much less high alcohol or jammy wines then in the earlier years. And as for the sweet wines – well, we know that the world consumes less and less sweet wines, they are definitely full of sugar, but that lovely acidity balances the sugar! Marvellous ‘Szamorodni’ wines, suberb late harvest wines and stunning Tokaji Aszú wines – you can expect the best, if you are invited to any event of a Hungarian embassy or cultural institute around the globe.

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