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Vylyan Csóka from Villány in Polish Trybuszon magazine

“Red wine in the style of mature Nebbiolo. The philosophy definitely reminds us of Piedmontese wines. Concentratedaromas with plum jam, chestnuts, bonfires and ashes. The palate is enriched with spiciness. Well integrated tannins and acidity.” These are some of the comments from the blind tasting in the section of “Wines from the editor’s cellar”. The surprise was great when it turned out where the wine really came from! Not from Piedmont, but from the south of Hungary, from Villány. And the grape, Csóka is a true rarity, even in Hungary.

The experts of the Polish wine magazine also commented that Villány gives more and more elegant and balanced wines, in spite of the past decades when powerful oaky wines were abundant from the southernmost wine region of Villány. “It is good that it is also accessible in our country.” – added the editor.

Resurrected and now lives happily!

Csóka (meaning ‘blackbird’) was an almost extinct grape variety. Vylyan Vineyard and Winery was looking for something local and ancient, when they discovered Csóka, and together with the Research Institute for Viticulture and Oenology of Pécs they planted a small amount as an experiment. Csóka has proved to be a success story: by now Vylyan cultivates 4000 vines of Csóka. The variety gives the best examples in hot vintages. Medium body, attractive acidity, aromas of rosehip and dried sour cherry.
Vintage 2018 is available on Vylyan webshop for 4000 HUF / 10 EUR.

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Trybuszon Polish wine magazine Csóka red wine from Hungary, Vylyan, Villány
"Wines fron the editors' cellar" section in Trybuszon Polish wine magazine

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