Bag in box (BIB) wine contest is open for registration

Ibwib-2016-bib-manzanilla-pasada-255n Hungary bag in box is a relatively new phenomenon, but more and more quality wineries realize that BIB is not necessarily inferior to bottled wines, it is just a useful packaging when people buy wine for a big garden party or other events with expectable large consumption. In the growing competition in the segment a sign of quality might help the customers.

A relatively new French wine contest has announced the date of its third edition. The bag in box wine contest will take place in Toulouse, France organised by Amelovin company in partnership with the University of Toulouse and the oenologiststudents from Toulouse DNO (Diplôme National d’Oenologues).

In 2016 among 325 presented wines 97 winning BIB(s) were selected. They were rewarded by the ‘Best Wine In Box’ medal. The 3rd edition contest will take place on 24 March, 2017.


Registration is open until 17 February, registration fee is 60 euros + VAT per sample.


mail-attachmentmail-attachment-2The contest is open to all still wines, the wines presented in the contest have to be packaged in BIB(c), only containers of 3 and 5 litres are accepted.

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