Balaton at Meininger Wine Business

Now, that Europe is open again – at least for EU citizens –, a comprehensive article has just been published in the 3 / 2020 issue of Meininger Wine Business magazine, with a little help from us, The 3 page article written by Anton Moiseenko is full of details, export statistics and insider information. “Today, Balaton’s top wineries are very experimental, with bold blends of local and international varieties being key features of white winemaking. Varietal wines are also on the rise, as are wines from single vineyards, ageing on lees, wild fermentation, alcohol control and less oak all on the menu. Balaton’s winemakers are going organic, too, and there are a few biodynamic producers, although these wines are mostly for export” – explains Moiseenko in his article, and then he goes on giving examples of wineries worth visiting. He mentions even the less obvious varieties and styles as well, for example the bottle fermented sparkling wines of Kreinbacher Estate on volcanic Somló. The article can be read online as well, though it is behind a paywall.

Read the whole article online (with subscription)

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