Best European Winery: Aurum award for Koch Winery

CEUCO (European Oenogastronomic Brotherhoods Council) held its 2019 award ceremony during the 17th Congress of the trade association in Portugal. Awards are given in several categories, like Best European Hotel restaurant (El Principe, Italy) or Best Gastronomy Journalist (Paulo Salvador, Portugal). The Best European Winery award has been given to three wineries this year: Koch Winery (Hungary), Bodega Cooperativa Vinícola Requenense (Spain), Cavit Winery (Italy). The association appreciates wineries taking care of national traditions. Csaba Koch, the owner has clear vision regarding grape growing, wine making and wine tourism as well. His invention of viticulture, the so called „happy grape” works well, his wines has received countless prizes, plus his estate is a traditional rural guest house with delicious, rustic feasts and welcoming rooms. A must-see place with lovely wines from the aromatic white varieties to the full bodied, aged red wines.

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