Budapest, a city of wine bars on 6 July and always…

Date: 6 July, 2017
Location: More than 25 wine bars around the centre of Budapest, Hungary
Type of event: informal wine tasting in wine bars with the winemakers

The first Wine Bar Tour was organized last summer, and it proved to be a big success, thus this summer the wine bars of Budapest await visitors again with a wine region or wine association in each participating wine bar. More than 25 wine bars joined the project, Judy’s Wine Bar for example will host Villány wine region, while Cultivini Wine Gallery will host the barely known Bükk wine region.

The event is free, visitors pay their consumption in the wine bars. The aim of the Wine Bar Tour is to show the thousand faces of Budapest with its creative design wine bars, and at the same timet o show the thousand faces of Hungarian wines with the help of the producers themselves.

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Ruined bars are still thriving

Budapest has become the destination city of party goers, and probably the unique ruined bars are behind the phenomenon. These are huge, old block of flats in the centre of the city converted into large bars with several halls, usually with different music and different sortiment of drinks in each hall. The enterior is often reminiscent of the Communist era with photos, retro chairs etc. The wine list of these bars are different, usually not too sophisticated, but most of them offer some descent, easy-to-understand wines. Upon the success of the ruined bars several new bars opened, the common feature is the creative design. These newer institutions are usually more elaborated, most provide bistro food, and they have a focus on something, Hungarian wines, artisan wines, craft beers, rums etc.
You can find some recommended wine bars here:

Wine Bar Tour locations on 6 July and their hosted wine region or wine association

18699997_1081769401922591_4197726537372671495_n0,75 bistro ⇒ Szent István tér 6., Budapest 1051

Balatoni KÖR – Circle of Balaton (an association to group the 5 smaller wine regions of Balaton)

Addicted2Caffeine & Figula Borsarok ⇒ Bartók Béla út 62–64. Budapest 1114

Balatonfüredi–Csopak wine region

Bordó Bisztró ⇒ Nagymező utca 3. Budapest 1065

Szekszárdi Borvidék – Szekszárd wine region

Buddha-Bar Budapest Pop Up Champagne Bar ⇒ Váci utca 34 Budapest 1052

Hungarian sparkling wines

Carpe Diem Borbár ⇒ Zoltán u 9., Budapest 1054

Winemakers from Lake Velencei

Cultivini Wine Gallery ⇒ Párizsi u. 4 Budapest 1052

Bükk wine region

Csendes Társ ⇒ Magyar u. 18. Budapest 1053

Eger wine region

DiVino Bazilika ⇒ Szent István tér 3. Budapest 1051

Junibor (Association of Young Winemakers)

DiVino Gozsdu ⇒ Király utca 13 Budapest 1075

Csopaki Kódex (Wine Regulatory System of Csopak)

Doblo Wine & Bar ⇒ Dob utca 20 Budapest 1072

Somló wine region

DROP SHOP – Borbár / Wine Bar ⇒ Balassi Bálint utca 27. Budapest 1055

Magna Mátra Történelmi Borvidékért Egyesület (An Association for Historic Mátra wine region)

EdVino borbár és bisztró ⇒ Budapest, Csemete u. 1, 1036 (Kolosy tér)

Neszmélyi Borút Egyesület (Neszmély Wine Route Association)

Galéria12 kávézó ⇒ Hajnóczy József utca 21 Budapest 1122

Wineries from Szent György-hegy (Badacsony) and South Balaton wine region

Judy’s Wine Bar ⇒ Károlyi utca 11. Budapest 1053

Villányi borvidék – Villány wine region with Villányi Franc

Kadarka Bár ⇒ Király utca 42 Budapest 1068

Winemakers from Mád (Tokaj wine region)

Kadarka Bárka ⇒ Margitszigeti Atlétika Centrum mellett Budapest 1007

Kunság wine region

Képzeld el Borbár ⇒ Wesselényi utca 23 Budapest 1077

Tokaji Borászok Asztaltársasága (Group of Tokaj Winemakers)

Lumen Kávézó ⇒ Mikszáth Kálmán tér 2-3. Budapest 1088

Pécs wine region

MOST Kortárs Bisztró ⇒ Zichy Jenő utca 17. 1066

Rizling Generáció (Riesling Generation – an association from Balaton promoting Olaszrizling)

Oinos WineBar&Bistrot ⇒ Rákoczi tér 7 Budapest 1084

Pannonhalma wine region

Palack ⇒ Szent Gellért tér 3. Budapest 1114

Etyek 360 association

Pohárszék Bor & Kávé ⇒ Aulich utca 7. Budapest 1054

Winemakers from Tállya (Tokaj wine region)

Sarki Fűszeres ⇒ Pozsonyi út 53-55. Budapest 1137

Terra Hungarica (an association promoting wines made in the most natural way)

Stelázsi Kávézó, Étterem és Borbár ⇒ Nagyszombat utca 3. Budapest 1036

Natural wines

VinoPiano-Borbár/Wine Bar ⇒ Tűzoltó utca 22 Budapest 1092

Tokaj Generation Y (the youngest generation of Tokaj winemakers)

vinoWonka Csokoládé és Borbár ⇒ Corvin Sétány 2 Budapest 1082

Winemakers from Tarcal (Tokaj wine region)

Wine Market Bistro & Shop ⇒ Lövőház utca 16/b Budapest 1024

Sopron wine region

Winestage Borbisztró ⇒ Síp utca 5. Budapest 1075

Tolna wine region

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