Buy wines for Christmas at a tasting in Pécs

On 7 December a wonderful wine event, the 2nd Advent Wine Salon awaits wine lovers again with more than 100 wineries, more than 200 wines. Pécs is the „mediterranean capital of Hungary” with unique atmosphere and countless must-see places. Visit Pécs during Advent, taste wines from the best wineries of Pannon region (Villány, Szekszárd, Tolna, Pécs), and take your favourite bottles with you for Christmas!

Pécs – the city of wines, too

The 5th most populous city of Hungary, the sunny Pécs boasts with historic buildings of several religions: mosques, cathedrals, synagogues, churches. Lovely pedestrian streets, great restaurants, wine bars make your stay delicious, what’s more, the city has its own wine region as well, and in most places „pécsi” wines are available by the glass. Advent Wine Salon is held at Littke Palace, a historic building situated in UNESCO World Heritage Szent István square, and a building with wine background. Littke family used to produce sparkling wine – they claim to have made the first sparkling wine in Hungary –, and the recent owner aims to place the winery back to the limelight.

Z-summit and pop-up wine shop

Don’t be frightened, Z does not stand for zombies nor for Z generation – it stands for grape varieties crossed in Pécs Research Centre and happen to start with the letter Z: Zenit, Zefir, Zéta, Zengő, Zeusz (for more information find our Grape dictionary). Another imporant feature of the event is that it really wants to help guests with their Christmas shopping. Each admission ticket includes a 1000 HUF worth voucher, which can be fully used at the pop-up wine shop operated by Pannon Borbolt. As Zoltán Győrffy, chief organizer of the event told us, visitors had greeted this opportunity at the previous event, and he expects participants to buy even more this year. „The 1000 HUF voucher is absolutely motivating, and most of our visitors used it for rare wines, which are hard to find elsewhere.” Advent Wine Salon is a must-go event, and its success is increasing. Besides the producers’ stands, there will also be masterclasses, product demonstrations and discussions on offer. It is no secret that we intend to develop the Pécsi Borozó Advent Wine Salon into one of the country’s most important indoor wine and food events outside Budapest” – communicates Pécsi Borozó, the organizing team about the event. Let us introduce three of the exhibitors!

Tűzkő Estate, Tolna

Antinori’s Hungarian estate, Tűzkő Estate is situated in the lesser known Tolna wine region, part of Pannon broader wine region, a hilly region with great white and red wines. The Estate is the 3rd Most beautiful Wine Estate in Hungary (Bor és Piac wine magazine contest, 2019), and last year Tűzkő Estate was selected among the Top 5 wineries of Pannon region by the wine lover public. How about this year? Will they also make it to the best 5? It will turn out on 7 December, since the award ceremony will also take place within Advent Wine Salon. And what to choose for Christmas? No question: Tűzkő Dumb Cuvée!

More about Tűzkő Estate

Teleki Wines

Villány is probably the most famous among the wine regions of Pannon region. Csányi Winery follows the path of the world famous viticulturist, Zsigmond Teleki, founder of the winery, and thus the wines are also named after the grape scientist, who played an inevitable role in rescuing the vineyards of Europe after the phylloxera plague. The winery boasts with the longest underground cellar in the region, and at the same time wine processing plant is equipped with the most up to date machinery – no wonder they keep gaining national and international achievements, for example Chateau Teleki Merlot being chosen The Best Red Wine of Hungary.  For Christmas, buy many bottles of this great, yet inexpensive wine!

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Hilltop Neszmély

Advent Wine Salon features wineries of Pannon region first and foremost, however, other wine regions of Hungary are represented as well with great many estates, Hilltop Neszmély is one of them from the northern Neszmély wine region, with its famous chief winemaker, Ákos Kamocsay – who has been chosen Winemaker of the Year almost at the same time in England and Hungary. For Christmas, an amazing gift for wine loving friends could be Kamocsay Chardonnay Selection, which is an elegant wooden box with 5 single vineyard Chardonnay plus an estate blend of the variety. A long lasting pleasure – based on our experience gained within the past decades, we can declare that our vineyard selected wines have a long ageing potential. During a few years of bottle ageing these wines become more complex, more mineral, deeper and more mature, therefore it is worth planning with them for the future.”

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