Caviar from Hungary? Yes, what’s more, it’s dressed in golden

One of the best restaurants of Budapest reopened after a short break of renovation, so from the 22nd of August Arany Kaviár awaits its gourmet guests again in Buda side of the capital, not far from the Castle of Buda.

Arany Kaviár – literally Golden Caviar – restaurant is a tiny sanctuary for connoisseurs. As they say: Arany Kaviár is a restaurant for occasions when dinner is not only a simple meal but a feast. The owners, the Russian born Sasha Nyíri and the Hungarian Attila Molnár are keen on outstanding quality, and therefore they have been being simply perfect for more than 25 years. The kitchen is partially Russian–Ukranian and International. They offer caviar for lunch and dinner, and some of their caviar is their own product! In the beginning they worked with the roe of sturgeons raised in Hungary exclusively, which was produced under the professional control of Sasha. Later they expanded their offer with caviars from several other parts of the world to create the best selection possible. You can also buy caviar from their webshop.

A royal menu with Hungarian freshwater fish

Their Hungarian fish menu is a five course meal with or without wine pairing – a real, unforgettable Arany Kaviár experience. One of the courses is sterlet terrine with duck liver and elderflower – simply amazing! The menu costs 50 euros / person plus 15 euros for the wine pairing.

One of the best wine list in the city

The wine list is more than appealing: there is an amazing champagne selection, wines from all over the world and a great Hungarian selection. You can taste a lot of wines by the glass, for example:

  • Start your meal with a glass of Hungarian méthode traditionelle sparkling wine: Kreinbacher Prestige Brut.
  • Have a glass of the full bodied, amazing and long lasting Kovács Nimród Battonage Chardonnay.
  • Go on with a glass of Sauska Cuvée 7 Villány – to have a complex, fruity, overwhelming yet elegant wine experience.
  • And at the end of the dinner you might pamper yourself with a Tokaj Rarity, for example with a Disznókő Tokaji Esszencia from 1997.

Sterlet – the authentic Hungarian fish

Arany Kaviár Restaurant started a cooperation years ago with a fish farm in Kisbajcs in North-Western Hungary, specialising in caviars and various species of the sturgeon family. This relationship was fruitful for the restaurant too, since by now they can pride themselves on having an outstandingly broad selection of freshwater and seawater fish as well as seafood. Besides zander, sturgeon, catfish and trout you can also find here the autochtonous Hungarian fish: the sterlet. The sterlet and its caviar from the fish farm in Kisbajcs was the mandatory ingredient of the fish plate at the European Finals of Bocuse d’Or 2016, which is a huge professional success. Owing to various development projects in the past few years, the farm can now carry out the reproduction and breeding of sturgeon in a modern environment, using green energies. Almost single-handedly in Europe, for more than 20 years the farm has done enormous efforts to strengthen the sturgeon population in the Danube river.

For booking and for more information visit the restaurant’s website.

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