Celebrate Pinot Noir today!

Like every other „wine day”, Pinot Noir Day also originates in the United States. We wrote about the International Rosé Day and why it has been probably created, and we could also find out how Cabernet Franc Day was announced in the USA. Pinot Noir day might have something to do with the road movie called Sideways. The movie itself was a mediocre comedy about two men who travelled through California, and one of them often expressed his despise about Merlot and his love of Pinot Noir. Strangely enough the American vineyard owners reacted to the movie and many Merlot vineyards were replanted with Pinot Noir.

C5b2xDrWcAA6iVYPinot Noir in Hungary

  • In Hungary cooler climate wine regions are famous for Pinot Noir, one of these regions is Eger, which is often mentioned along with Burgundy. Kovács Nimród Winery is keen on having internationally respected, great quality wines, and their success is proved from time to time. Their latest great result is from Concours Mondial de Bruxelles for their 777 Pinot Noir 2013. Elegant, subtle, unforgatteble Pinot Noir!
  • The north of lake Balaton is known for white wines, though historically red wines were equally famous. More and more wineries grow red varieties as well, Mihály Liszkay with the magnificent estate building (which operates as a hotel as well) makes a lovely, velvety, refined Pinot Noir every year.
  • 2-24817-1_badacsonyi_pinotnoir_rozeEndre Szászi also on the north of Balaton, on Szent György mountain grows his grapes organically, and Pinot Noir is a variety he cherishes a lot. A rosé wine is made of Pinot Noir grown on ’Rókaluki’ vineyard (’Foxhole’) has a rich nose of wild raspberry and cranberries, ont he palate the fruitiness is backed by refreshing, crispy acidity.

Etyek, „the vineyard of Budapest” is also an ideal climate region for Pinot Noir. Haraszthy Winery makes a 100% Pinot Noir rosé, and is also vinified to give red wine. Cherry color. Primal fruitiness on nose, accompanied by some roasted scent. On the palate besides the sour cherry you will find the presence of chocolate, tobacco and bold notes produced by barrel ageing. Aftertaste is medium-long, spicy.

Have a very happy Pinot Noir Day!

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