Celebrate the blood!


Bikavér Feast in Eger, 5–8 July

Don’t be afraid, this 4 day happening is not a pagan ceremony of sacrificing a bull! On the contrary, the Hungarian name of the event – Bikavér Ünnep – has a more elevated meaning. Festivals are about being together and having fun, while a celebration (’ünnep’) has always have a majestic purpose. We celebrate marriage, birth, graduation, historic anniversaries – always showing respect to the subject of the celebration. Just like citizens of Eger do it every July, when the best restaurateurs join forces with the best local wineries to present the recent vintages of the famous blend of Eger paired with a dish. Bikavér – also known as Bull’s Blood – is a red blend strictly controlled in both wine regions where it is allowed to make (Eger and Szekszárd). The legend of Egri Bikavér is a real curiosity, you can read it here.

When, where and how much?

The event is held outdoor in a wonderful park called Érsekkert (The Garden of the Archbishop). There are two stages full of music programs, they are named after the two blends of Eger, Egri Bikavér Stage will host more popular bands, while Egri Csillag Stage (named after the newer white blend of Eger) will host local DJs and alternative music formations. More than 100 wines can be sampled poured by the wineries. The event is open from 4 pm until midnight. Regarding the costs, this event is one of the best for consumers: the entrance is free, you do not have to buy a festival card for payment, you can pay by cash, and the price of the dishes is fixed: every plate costs 1400 HUF (4.5 euros). Wine samples are to be paid according to their price.

To see all the wines to be tasted along with their food pair click here

Vilmos Thummerer, winemaker of the year of 1995 at the event

An iconicname of Eger, who were not only chosen Winemaker of the Year, but his winery was chosen Winery of the Year as well. The quality is always extremely high thank to theirrigorous grape growing and vinification techniques. At the event you can find them in tent 6, and you can taste the white blends– Egri Csillag 2015, Egri Csillag Grand Superior 2015  – paired with grilled goat cheese steak with cornpone and home-made vegetable jam and the red blends – Egri Bikavér Classicus 2013, Egri Bikavér Superior 2012, Egri Bikavér Grand Superior Nagy-Eged-dűlő 2012 paired with grilled pork belly with cornpone and home-made vegetable jam.

Regulations of Bikavér in Eger

Classicus wines: blending of the wine of at least three grape types is obligatory; their percentage must exceed 5% respectively, and no variety may exceed 50%; the use of Kékfrankos is obligatory, and this variety must be blended in the highest percentage to make the wine; the percentage of Turan and Biborkadarka must not exceed 10 % either combined or respectively.

Superior and Grand Superior wines: blending of the wine of at least three grape tvpes obligatory; their percentage must exceed 5 respectively with the exception of Kékfrankos (which can be as rate as 50%), no variety may exceed 30%; Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon must not represent more than 30the blend either respectively or combined: and the blend must not contain more than 5% Turan.

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