Christmas meals with Bikavér wines

The association of 10 Eger winemakers, the so called Egri Borműhely (Eger Wine Workshop) teamed with 3 restaurants of Eger wine region to prove that Egri Bikavér is an ideal wine when it comes to pairing with Christmas dishes. Bikavér blends have to contain at least two local varieties (from the Carpathian basin), it is usually Kékfrankos and Kadarka, and in Eger 50% of the blend must be Kékfrankos, which makes the blends acid dominant – and thus makes pairings easier. The chef of Magtár restaurant created matured beef sirloin with roasted celery, celery cream, chestnut and sweet potato chips to match with Thummerer Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2015, while chef of Macok restaurant made venison with beetroot and porcini top air with Tóth Ferenc Superior Bikavér 2017. (Note that Tóth Ferenc Bikavér is in the new Eger bottle!) In the photo both wines can be seen with Macok dish – a good example to show that most festive courses work perfectly with any Egri Bikavér. Thummerer Bikavér is a single vineyard wine: On the Nagy-Eged vineyard, the varieties needed for the grand superior bikaver were planted on purpose at the same time in 2008. „We harvested and fermented the 5 varieties together and aged the wine in third-filled Hungarian oak barrels for 27 months.”

Photo: Dalma Orosz

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