Conde Nast Traveller: „Budapest is the 3rd best winter destination!”


Aria Hotel Budapest, the place to stay – with great wines by the glass

The American quality online travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveller posted the 6 best winter destinations on 1 December. Budapest, the Hungarian capital is the only European destination in the article besides dream places like Chilean Patagonia or French Polinezia. Budapest is named „Paris of the East”, and the ideal hotel to stay is Arial Hotel, the place that was chosen best luxury boutique hotel by TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice this January.

Why Condé Nast loves Budapest

“Almost thirty years after the fall of communism, Hungary’s capital has reclaimed its title as “Paris of the East.” Investors are breathing new life into the former crown jewel of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, reviving the grand boulevards and opulent architecture of yesteryear alongside hyper-modern, high-design projects of the future. 

Today’s Budapest is a place to toss aside the map and get lost among the castles, palaces, parks, and lookout points lining the Danube River (and to pop into clandestine lounges on side streets to sample Hungarian wines, of course). Base yourself at Aria Hotel Budapest, which celebrates the greats of music past through thematic guest rooms, curated in sound and style by musical directors and separated into four wings by genre – classical, contemporary, jazz, and opera. It also houses Central Europe’s premiere all-season rooftop bar, plus a restaurant in partnership with the legendary c. 1858 Café Gerbeaud.”

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Aria Hotel – enchanted by music

Aria Hotel indeed has a unique concept with the four wings – four music genres. If you are fed up with boring, moderately brown and grey uniformised interiors, Aria is the best choice with its sometimes shocking furniture. A bath tub in the middle of a room? Why not! Music is everywhere – no wonder the restaurant is called Stradivari.

Wine recommandions from Stradivari’s wine list

A stunning méthode traditionelle sparkling wine – available by the glass – from Tokaj, mostly Furmint with a touch of Hárslevelű and Chardonnay. You won’t need anything with this glass, enjoy the atmosphere and prepare for un unforgettable dinner.

You can enjoy this 100% Pinot Gris by the glass, a good start, pair it with duck liver bonbon (accompanied with beetroot, blood orange and hazelnut). On the palate the wine shows a fairly mature, complex face – it completely fills the mouth. The perfect encounter of the variety and the volcanic soil from Badacsony wine region.

Well, it is not common at all to offer iconic Kopár by the glass, however in Aria’s Stradivari you can taste it! Tournedos Rossini (beef tenderloin, foie gras, seared mushrooms, red wine truffle jus, spinach) might be a match with the superb red wine.

2017 – new concept together with Gerbeaud owner

Budapest’s legendary Gerbeaud Café is one of Europe’s oldest most famous cafés and confectioneries. Gerbeaud was established in 1858 by Henrik Kugler, and its second owner, Émile Gerbeaud made it world-famous by the turn of the century. Just like the founding fathers, Katalin Pinter, owner of the family-owned Gerbeaud Group strives to make each Gerbeaud offering an exceptional experience for the guests. Katalin, together with daughter, Anna and son, Attila Niszkács, have founded and operate Michelin-star Onyx Restaurant, bringing local ingredients and Hungarian tradition to the table with contemporary cooking techniques. They also own and operate Émile in a beautiful Buda cottage, and Bistro, a Hungarian restaurant located in Gerbeaud House. The family has also established Gerbeaud Cafés in Seoul and in Tokyo. In Spring of 2017, Gerbeaud’s culinary expertise is set to elevate the Aria Hotel Budapest’s already highly praised guest experience, not only in Stradivari Restaurant and High Note SkyBar but also including extraordinary packages for weddings, social, and corporate events.

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