Craft beer with Heumann Syrah marc

Though craft beer is trendy in Hungary, now breweries suffer serious decrease of sale because craft beers are mostly sold in bars – and bars are closed. However, home delivery still works, so why not order some beer? Especially when the beer is made with the marc of one of the best Villány wineries! Monyó Brewery has just initiated a beer–wine hybrid in which other renowned wineries are involved: Pfneiszl (Sopron), Jr János Márkvárt (Szekszárd), Bodrog Borműhely (Tokaj). “Our Hungarian Terroir Series is a landmark step toward bringing these two scenes and cultures together. Through collaborating with some of the most renowned local wineries, we could showcase the possibilities of a beer-wine hybrid: we aged a Russian Imperial Stout in the Kékfrankos (aka Blaufränkisch) barrels of Pfneiszl Winery and fermented our base beer with Syrah grape peel from Heumann Winery, just to name two projects of which’s result you can find in these package. If you are already a fan of spontaneously fermented Belgian beers like lambics, geuzes or krieks, you already know what to expect, but if you are not, well, we can only say that prepare for the wine-yest beer (or beer-iest wine) of your life!”

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