Deciphering our – sometimes awkward – labels

Thank you Exotic Wine Travel! Your video posted last Sunday is a real help to us. We know that our language sounds and looks strange, no one can understand us (as Matthew pointed out in the video, even the word ‘wine’ is totally different in Hungarian: ‘bor’). But it is good to take a fresh look at our labels, with the eyes of a foreigner. With such a small nation maybe it would make sense to use some English text on the back labels,and to use clearer messages, thinking of the other 6.90 billion people on earth. Matthew Horkey, co-owner of Exotic Wine Travel blog together with Charine Tan will soon relaunch their Kickstarter project of publishing a book on Hungary. Stay tuned for being the first one to get a signed copy of the book “Discover Hungarian Wines – a Visitor-Friendly Guide”!

Watch the 7 minute video on How to Read Hungarian Labels

[sc_youtube aspect_ratio=”4:3″ video_id=”7CorRr4dWXQ”]

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