Egri Csillag Weekend

Egri Csillag Weekend

The festival of the white blend of Eger kicks off the season

Eger with its medieval castle and its astonishing baroque city centre is one of the most beautiful places of Hungary. The weekend of 28 April to 1 May will serve as the the ideal time to visit, since winemakers present their latest vintage wines in the most popular, classic category in Dobó Square, the heart of the city.

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I must tell you, dear readers that Eger is my favourite middle size city in Hungary. I have my reasons: this is the place where I spent my college years, probably the most sensitive time of my life. I remember choosing the college: “let’s go to Eger, they have good wines” and so the decision was made and never regretted. I still adore the little cobblestone streets, the large park, the beautiful Turkish spa, the lovely walk from the student dormitory near the castle, the sleek Minaret, the restaurants, the bars, the atmosphere. So I can recommend this programme with my full heart!
If you accept my advice and participate, do not miss to taste Tóth Ferenc Egri Csillag 2021 (the estate manager, Katalin Tóth is on the right below). It is a blend of Leányka, Olaszrizling, Hárslevelű and Muscat Ottonel– 100%-of the grape varieties are from the Carpathian Basin. Base wines were fermented separately in stainless steel tanks, then fermented wines were blended and rested for a month. The winery recommends it with sea food, poultry dishes and salads. “Wine with a lemon tint. Fresh, crispy white fleshy fruit flavours and a slightly sweetish character make the wine fresh and exciting.” – Adél Bernáth-Ulcz chocolate and wine expert from CsokiLaBor.

Katalin Tóth Eger Tóth Ferenc Winery

Useful information about Egri Csillag Weekend

Exhibitors: Bolyki Winery and Vineyards, Dula Winery, Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, Gál Lajos Cellars, Gál Tibor Cellars, Gróf Buttler Winery, Juhász Brothers Cellars, Kovács Nimród Winery, Nap-völgy Winery, Ostoros Family Cellars, Petrény Winery, Rege Estate, St. Andrea Vineyards, Tarjányi Cellar, Thummerer Cellars and Vineyards, Torma Cellars, Tóth and Tóth Debrő Wines, Tóth Ferenc Winery, Varsányi Cellars.

Catering and other exhibitors: 383 mineral water, Agria Cheese Manufacture, Bodega Bistro and BBQ, ChiliYard, Macok Bistro.

Entrance is free of charge, tasting glass is obligatory to be purchased and sonsumption is paid at the booths of the wineries.

Opening times:

– Thursday (28 April): 16.00
– Friday (29 April): 16.00
– Saturday (30 April): 14.00
– Sunday (1 May): 12.00

For further information please, visit:

Details from the press release by Egri Wine Route Association

“The birth of Egri Csillag is a milestone in the life of the Eger wine region. This wine embodies the Eger wine-growing community’s ambition to develope an individual and distinctive white wine that is inseparably linked to the wine region. Launching the project took courage and its execution an unwavering will. Although it is just over ten years since the first Egri Csillag was released, for us it seems as if it has always existed. It is a rich, delightful white wine with a complex character,” this is how Dr György Lőrincz, President of the Egri Wine Route Association, the organiser of the event, summed up what the wine means to local winemakers.

The Egri Csillag category was created in 2010, and the first Egri Csillag Weekend was held shortly afterwards. Since then, the event has become an essential part of the wine calendar in Eger, and this year, for the eleventh time, it opens the season of the great Eger wine festivals in spring. At Dobó Square, one of the most famous spots in the city centre, guests can enjoy the wide ranging offerings of wineries and also bites and dishes that match the wines.

Egri Csillag wine festival Eger, Hungary

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