Tóth Ferenc Winery

Tóth Ferenc Winery can be bravely called family winery, as through generations, old and young members of the winemaker family work every day obsessed to bring forward the good reputation of the winery and the wines of Eger. From enologist Tóth Ferenc, in Eger, all kinds of things come to our mind: fanatic enologist, the ambassador of kadarka grape, monger of the wine called “Várvédő” – the protector of Eger Castle- and the owner of many dignified awards and prizes. In recognition of his work, he was elected in 2013 “Winemaker of the Year in Eger 2012”. He has been married his wife for 50 years who gives strength and help for the everyday life. They set out their journey to the world of grape and wine together and built up the family estate. Their daughter, Katalin, actively joins the life of the estate. Her areas are sales, wine tourism and marketing. Family Tóth believes, one day the key of the cellar will be given to one of their grandchildren.

Viticulture and wine making in Eger Wine Region

Viticulture and wine making in Eger Wine Region possesses centuries – old and deep – rooted tradition. Currently, the winery has a vineyard of 25 hectares, all along the best production sites of the wine region: Vineyards Áfrika, Almagyar, and Marinka, as well as the Síkhegy, Galagonyás, and Tihamér vineyards. Our winery is characterized by a wide range of grape varieties: egri leányka, királyleányka, kékfrankos, kadarka, pinot noir, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and merlot.


Wine production in Eger

Our most important wine making aim is to keep the traditional “Egri” taste by using the most modern technologies alloyed with traditional wine making. Grape processing is made by traditional and reductive technologies. Most of our white wines are made by controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Our red wines are racked after maceration and aged in oak barrels for 1,5 – 2 years. Only at least 6 months bottle aging start selling our red wines.

The new cellar

In 2006 the family decided to place the operation of the winery into another dimension after the basis of frank, hard however “ industrialist charactered” work of decades without compromise. Decision was followed by the action and we started to enlarge our winery in Kistályai street. 4 new cellar tunnels got carved into rhyolite tuff, each 50 m long, to set up a unique cellar system for aging and storing wines. This is more than 5 cellar tunnels: a 1100 m2 miracle in the inside of the hill. What makes it real unique is the aesthetical experience: Inside the tunnel there are no built domes, no covering floor, just the tunnels and the weight of the hill. Wines are made more demanding, high standards thanks to the complete technical renewal. The work of Tóth Ferenc and his team is supported by new barrels, stainless steel tanks and the most modern tools.




Egri Csillag Superior 2019

A great white blend of an exceptional vintage. The second Superior category Egri Csillag wine of the winery bottled in „Eger” bottle. A vibrant, mineral, prestigeously elegant white blend aged in barrel showing the special cool climate white characteristic of Eger Region.


Kadarka 2017

Medium intense ruby colour, sour cherry in the nose followed by the sweetish, cake aromas of barrel aging. Fruit syrup and jam taste on the palate. In the finish a bit of tartness complemented by sweet spices. Compared to previous Kadarka wines of the winery, this one is easier to understand however easy to fall in love with it. (CsokiLaBor)

kadarka superior

Egri Kadarka Superior 2018

A wine with ruby colour with pomegranate edges. Versatile aromas. Primarily roasted walnut then raspberry syrup and strawberry jam on the nose. After a bit of patience herbal notes are coming complemented by resin, especially at dry test. Lively playful acids and nicely rounding tannins on the palate with ripe cherry. In the intense fruit aroma the pleasant spices are dominant. Oily viscosity, thick at tasting however texture does not overwrite the variety.  A wine with more dimensions and great potential…


Kékfrankos 2017

Lilac colour with powerful sour cherry and raspberry  nose. Substantial, medium bodied red wine with nice fruits. Good structure, relatively long aftertaste. Both in aroma and taste a harmonious and rounded wine.

kekfrankos superior

Tóth Ferenc Egri Kékfrankos Superior Tornyos 2016

“Deep ruby colour with grenadier touch. Starts with toasty notes and spices of the barrel ont he nose continues with fruitcake sprinkeled with cinnamon. After a short time the fragrance of sour cherry, characterise the variety, appears as well. Fine tannins and glycerin – alcohol gives great texture and makes it harmonious however its young acids vibrate in the forefront. Long finish with sour-cherry and blueberry complemented with a hing of anise ont he palate. .” (CsokiLaBor)


Egri Bikavér Superior 2017

“Deep ruby, shiny colour with thick texture. Several fruits on the nose, cowberry, mulberry and aromas of dried plum occur. Toasty and cake characters of the oak barrel fold the fruits around. Intense, rich and same taste on the palate as on the nose. The great acidity gives the real Eger character to the wine however the velvety tannins makes the wine pleasantly warm. Fruity taste complemented by slight bitterness of wild plum. A well structured wine with great potential and the promise of a long life.”CsokiLaBor Ulcz Adél


Várvédő 2016

“Deep ruby colour, the slow down flow on the glass forecasts a meaty, thick wine. Luckily not too full bodied just as it can be waited for a wine like this. Very rich and alterable aromas. Fruits, rich spices and barrel notes on the nose. Fresh plum, walnut, marzipan and juniper fragrances follows each other. The intense alcohol gives a liqueur character to the wine. Acids and tannins pleasantly integrates into the structure. Similar taste on the palate as on the nose complemented by powerful dark chocolate. Moreover, spices of the barrel, tobacco and smoky notes at the background. Slight chalky finish coming from the production site. A wine with wide taste spectrum, great potential, a real top wine!” (CsokiLaBor)