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Webcam and grill buffet at Gróf Buttler Winery

Booking a wine tasting at an unknown winery is always risky, and it is especially risky for tour operators or guides who book for a bigger group. Gróf Buttler Winery is always keen on intruducing innovations, for example from now you can always check the weather at their estate in Eger wine region. At the moment of writing this article the sky is clear, the sun is shining and some light autumn breeze is playing gently with the yellowish leaves.

If you want to check the weather right now, click on the link and then on the little arrow to play at the bottom left corner

Absolutely prepared for visitors

As we wrote earlier, Gróf Buttler Estate surrounded by vineyards serves as a picturesque location for wedding receptions, elegant events up to 160 people. As for regular wine tastings, Gróf Buttler offers three types of wine tastings:

  • „Classic” – 1 white, 1 rosé and 3 red wines, icluding single vineyard Gróf Buttler Egri Bikavér Superior Nagy Eged 2012 at 3500 HUF / person (11 euros) 
  • „Superior” – 2 white and 4 red wines including Gróf Buttler Syrah Grand Selection Nagy Eged 2013 at 5500 HUF / person (17 euros)
  • „Grand Superior” – 2 white and 5 red wines including Gróf Buttler Viogni Nagy Eged 2016 and Gróf Buttler Egri Pinot Noir Superior 2014 at 7500 HUF (23 euros)

As for food to pair with the wines, you can order finger food (canapés with home made ham, smoked sausage, duck fat, local cheese or aubergine spread), or you can order complete courses from starters through soups to main courses like „Buttler knuckle of pork stew with Bikavér sauce”. If you bring a large group of more than 20 people, the grilled buffet is a perfect option at no more than 4950 HUF / person (15 euros).

All the meals are prepared fresh on the terrace of the estate, so that visitors can see the steps of cooking. Prices include VAT and service. Advanced booking is necessary, wine tastings are conducted for at least 5 people. 

More more information and booking contact:  Kolos Kovacs

Viognier – a grape hard to find in Hungary

Famous in the French Condrieu, important in Australia and many other New World countries, but it is rare in Hungary. Eger wine region has proved to be ideal for growing Viognier, and Gróf Buttler is one of the handful producers to make wine of the variety. 

How is it made? „After the small-box manual harvest, skipping the pressing and filtering processes, we de-stem the blue grapes, gently crush and ferment them in vats with manual punching down. After the maceration, we draw off the free run juice and mellow it in excellent quality oak barrels. Throughout the wine-making process, apart from minimal amounts of sulphur, no other chemicals are added to the wine, even the fermentation process takes place spontaneously, utilizing the natural yeast. 1 year ageing in small barrels (Hungarian oak).” The resulting wine has a perfumer, floral  nose with rich and elegant texture and mineral finish.


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