Find your match, find your Furmint!

It is still February, it is still the month of Furmint. In the United Kingdom Furmint February is still going on both for the trade and consumers. Dániel Ercsey has written a great article about Furmint on Wines of Hungary – he believes that Furmint is an ideal team player. Do you agree? And we, at help you find your ultimate Furmint!

A good team player

This month a lot of articles have been writen about Furmint, this unique, Hungarian grape variety. Dániel Ercsey made an interesting point: We shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking here that something that is good at everything will end up not shining at anything. Well, the much ado about Furmint seems to have settled down, which also enables greater thought to be given to the variety. Ercsey also emphasises that Furmint grape is not restricted to Tokaj, there are countles exceptional Furmint wines in other wine regions.

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Find your Furmint match showcases 31 Furmint wines – you are quite likely to find one that suits your taste! Sweet or dry, sparkling or still, aged or fresh – we can help you. If you need help to contact to any of the wineries, let us know.
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Win a trip to Tokaj

If you live in the United Kingdom, opening a bottle of Furmint is worth even more: if you are a sommelier or other member of the trade, you can win an unforgettable, all inclusive trip to Tokaj. If you are a winelover, post a selfie or picture with Furmint on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, mention #furmintfebruary21 and you will have the chance to win a case of Furmint each week during February. For the details, go to Furmint February 3.0.


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