Fireworks and stunning wines over the river Danube

The 5th St Stephen’s Day Wine Festival takes place in Nagymaros on 18–19 August. Hungary’s first king, the founder of the state is celebrated all over the country mostly with festivals and fireworks. The official date of St Stephen is 20 August, but the Monday before is a public holiday as well. Spend the extra long weekend in a breathtaking place, in the Danube Bend, only 50 kilometres north of Budapest.


Guests have extremely high opinion of the open air festivity and wine tasting. Over 20 wineries from 11 wine regions, culinary delights, cold cuts & cheese, street food, concerts, jazz, rock, blues, operett music, fireworks just 50 kms from Budapest. No need to worry about „who is driving?” – Nagymaros can be easily approached by train leaving Nyugati station every hour. The last train back to the city is at midnight. „Step down from the train and in 5 minutes time you can grab a tasting glass from our info desk, wander around the „wine street” on the Danube shore, sit under the shadow of sycamore trees, enjoy the wonderful view, the summer breeze while sipping lovely wines of Hungary.”
Opening hours: 18th Sunday 10.00-01.00 & 19th Monday 10.30-01.00
The festival entry is free of charge, but a festival glass is obligatory to rent for 1000 HUF. The event is also „dog friendly” supposing the dog is on leash.

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3 exhibitors of St Stephen Wine Festival

Koch and Vinart

Probably one of the most successful wineries of the recent years in Hungary with uncountable awards. Csaba Koch has vineyards both in Villány (Vinart) and Hajós–Baja (Koch). Koch is a good choice to try many indigenous aromatic white varieties, but they are also great at Bordeaux blends.

Teleki wines /Csányi Winery

Zsigmond Teleki, the world famous viticulturist founded the winery in 1881 in Villány. Now the estate follows the path of the great founder but with the help of the most modern vinification techniques. The winery has a wide range of wines from every day, fruity RedY to prestigious red wines with long ageing potential.

Sauska Villány and Tokaj

Two amazing estates in two amazing regions with the highest standards – this is Sauska. Taste their bottle fermented sparkling wines, their lovely and crispy rosé wines, their complex dry and sweet whites from Tokaj and their full bodied, yet elegant red wines from Villány.

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