Matador Etyek Haraszthy foie gras

Foie gras & and 2021 Haraszthy wines on 13 November

In Hungary we celebrate St Martin, the Roman bishop, who was born in Hungary (the town of Szombathely in the west part of the country was named Savaria when our land was part of the Great Roman Empire and was called Pannonia). This is the season of new vintage wines and dishes made of goose – to commemorate the bishop, who, according to the legend was so modest that he hid among the geese when the Roman clerical officer came to appoint him.

Haraszthy Vineyard is situated in Etyek, a stone throw from Budapest, so why not enjoy some fresh air the sight of the beautiful autumn landscape combined with a great meal? Matador, the steak house and restaurant of the estate is not open every day in off-season, but it definitely awaits guests on St Martin’s Day, on 13th November.

Celebrate the vintage with us!

“On Saturday, 13th November we invite our Guests to a special gastronomic and culinary experience! On the occasion of St. Martin’s Day we will fill our glasses and celebrate the first wines of the vintage with a goose-themed day. Beautiful duck broth, seared foie gras and the perfect Magret duck breast will highlight the day out at Matador.”

Optional welcome new vintage wines:

Sir Irsai 2021
Pinot Noir Rosé 2021
Sauvignon Blanc 2021

The courses:

  • Soup: Duck broth, foie gras foam, forest mushroom
    Wine pairing: Chardonnay 2019
  • Hot starter: Seared foie gras with grape textures
    Wine pairing: Öreghegy Cuvée 2016
  • Main course: Magret rose, cranberries, white chocolate and pumpkins
    Wine pairing: Öreghegy Pinot Noir 2016
  • Dessert: Brownie, chocolate and cherry textures
    Wine pairing: Fantástico Malbec 2019

The menu is available for lunch and dinner as well on 13 November (12.00–21.30)
Price of the menu with wine pairing: 19 900 HUF (around 52 euros)
The purchase of the voucher ticket is a must.


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