Franco Nero legendary actor fighting for Eger

Though it made a huge thunder with a big smoke, of course it was a symbolic shot the famous actor, Franco Nero made last Friday, at the beginning of the 21st Bikavér Feast of Eger. The historic scene commemorates the famous battle of Eger in 1552, we wrote more about it here.

Django, Keoma and leader of Hungarian conquestors

The blue eyed, still very handsome Italian actor is 75 years old now, and maybe few people now that before Quentin Tarantino there was an older version of Django, which happens to be the first success of Franco Nero. He has since appeared in more than 200 movies around the world, working with Europe’s top directors, such as Luis Buñuel, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Claude Chabrol, Sergey Bondarchuk, Mihalis Kakogiannis, Elio Petri, Marco Bellocchio, Enzo G. Castellari, among many others. He has a rich career full of historic and comic films, many western movies like ’Keoma’, and a lesser known (though very long) epic movie about the foundation of Hungary, called ’Honfoglalás’ (Conquest of homeland).


Eger – the European Capital of Culture?

Franco Nero was invited to officially open the festival of the regions most famous red blend, the Bikavér of Eger. The actor was invited by the town of Eger, which is an aspirant city for the title of the European Capital of Culture. His host was the famous Hungarian artist, Lajos Koltai. He is a cinematographer and director, known for movies like Malena and Sunshine. During his visit Franco Nero acted in an image film about Eger for the competition of becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2023. This year the two cities holding this precious title are Aarhus (Denmark) and Pafos (Cyprus).

4 days of ’jammy blood’                                                 

Bikavér Feast last weekend was again a big hit full of happy visitors, sampling several Bikavér wines all along with a matching dish.
Some memorable Bikavér–food pairings from the feats, which you can try upon your next visit to Eger in the below mentioned restaurants:

with smoked red wine and herb porchetta with rucola, dried tomatoes, served in bagels by ZuzmÓ! BBQ Garden, Eger

with beef cheeks in Sichuan pepper and Bikavér gravy with ceps and cherry couscous by Zsálya Bistro, Eger.

with oven-baked pork belly with roasted early potatoes and icy home-made leavened cucumbers by Forst Restaurant, Eger

with grilled pork belly with cornpone and home-made vegetable jam by Balneo Hotel Zsóri, Mezőkövesd

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