Frici – a lovely bubbly from Villány with new look

Gere Attila Winery has been producing their areated sparkling wine since 2010. The bubbly is called Frici, which is the short version of the male names Ferenc or Frigyes, but it can refer to the term ’frizzante’ as well. „We visioned a style similar to Italian frizzante and when we were looking for a name we decided that the simplest solution will be the best and named it Frici. All of them are fresh and well drinkable. The basic wines are made with reductive technology then we add carbon dioxide and use filter, which is important to burst the harsh bubbles. This way we create a creamy but vigorous texture.” The new vintage white and rosé Frici wines are available now with renewed labels. As for white Frici the aromas are led by white fruits and citrus. „Green apple, white grape and mango with some green spices supplemented with citrus on the palate. Pleasant bubbles, vivacious character.”The rosé Frici has a vibrant colour. „Sour cherry and strawberry, floral notes and some citrus when tasting. Crispy fruitiness, nice balance, fine sparkling. Absolutely refreshing.”

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