Furmint February has just begun!

The London Furmint trade tasting on 30 January organized by Wines of Hungary UK was full house, Master of Wine experts, merchants, sommeliers were all interested in the variety. Caroline Gilby MW made a short speech at the beginning of the event when she compared Furmint to two of the world’s favourite varieties: „Like Riesling, Furmint excels at bone dry and lusciously sweet styles, and always with a trademark acidity; while, more like Chardonnay, it lent itself well to sparkling wines or oak regimes and malolactic fermentation for fuller bodied, textured wines.”Lilla O’ Connor co-organizer of the tasting with Zsuzsa Toronyi clarifies the role of Furmint in Rupert Millar’s article on The Drinks Business: Furmint is “not what Hungary is all about,” it is nonetheless “a useful step” when it comes to introducing Hungary to a wider audience.”At the tasting more than 20 wineries presented their dry and sweet Furmint wines, for example Zsirai Winery (in the picture) from Mád (Tokaj). The tasting was just the beginning of the Furmint campaign in the UK and hopefully in many other places. A glass of Furmint a day, keeps the doctor away. Are you ready to begin Furmint February?

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