Garamvári MCMXLI Limited Edition

Why not celebrate the first Sunday of the year?

2022 is already generous with us: how nice it is to have one more day after New Year’s Eve to recover and to prepare for another challenging year! We should enjoy every moment of this day – for example by opening something very special. The new, limited edition méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine by Garamvári Vineyard is more than a wine. It is a story.

Gentle and kind but firm

Vencel Garamvári (see below), founder of Garamvári Vineyard had a key role in the Hungarian “renaissance of sparkling wines”. He has always admired Champagne, and he worked tirelessly to create sparkling wines of outstanding quality. The members of the family owned winery decided to create something unique in honour of Vencel. MCMXLI stands for the year (1941 in Roman letters) when Vencel Garamvári was born, and the sparkling wine itself represents the maximalism and creativity of Vencel. Only 1000 bottles were made, 100% Pinot Noir with lovely forest fruit notes both on the nose and the palate. Finely tuned yeasty character. “Gentle and kind but firm, just like Vencel himself. This sparkling wine represents Vencel’s attitude towards sparkling wines, his admiration, his respect and his knowledge.”

A few bottles are still available from Garamvári’s webshop.

With two branded glasses 19.900 HUF (54 euros), without glasses 14.900 HUF (40 euros).

Vencel Garamvári

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