Garamvári Vineyard

Garamvári Vineyard

Garamvári Vineyard owns altogether 80 hectares of outstanding terroirs with unique climate on the slopes of Balatonlelle, Balatonboglár and Szőlősgyörök. These great vineyards nurture low yield grapes of infinite varieties, which give the base of the wines and sparkling wines of the estate.

Premium products include the ethereal yet flavourful méthode traditionelle sparkling wines made of numerous grape varieties, the full bodied, late harvested white wines and the red wines of great ageing potential, rich in extracts and the red blends as well.

The estate building of Garamvári Vineyard is situated in Balatonlelle surrounded by their own vineyards, where visitors can sample wines amond the vines. Besides the estate in Balatonlelle, due to a previous enlarging project, another winery has been established in the capital of Hungary, in Budapest, in Budafok district. The cellar is more than 100 years old and it had been used for making sparkling wines for ages. As a consequence of its general renovation and modernisation, a perfect location has been created for making superb méthode traditionelle sparkling wines.


Ars Poetica

Each year is a new opportunity for the winemaker to create timeless beauty. From budding to harvest he cherishes the vines and strive with every effort to make something unique, something better and more interesting than ever for the wine and sparkling wine lovers. Every year is a new opportunity and a new experience at the same time in the endless collection of his special career.

Garamvári wines and sparkling wines are made according to the values set by the founder Vencel Garamvári, and to which all the members of the family and the company are faithful to:

„Tradition and innovation”


Garamvári Vineyard

H-1222 Budapest, Sörház utca 20.

Tel: +3612274060       Fax: +3612274062




Lellei Irsai Olivér 2016

A light but extremely aromatic wine with bursting fruitiness, fragrance of perfume and a long aftertaste of bunch of ripe grape.


Garamvári Merlot 2015

Cherry and forrest fruit characters return in its taste, combined with a hint of dark chocolate.


Garamvári Optimum Brut 2013

Fruity taste of peach, litchi and pineapple, dense pearlage, fine acids, fresh citruses with creamy effects of autolyses.


Garamvári Tokaji Furmint Brut 2014

Character-based fruitiness of the varietal can be sensed alongside the dynamic acids. Quince, citruses, mango tastes combined with sweet spices like cloves and cinnamon.


Garamvári Evolution Rosé Brut 2008

Wild raspberries and wild cherries at start following with subtle, yeasty, biscuity notes with dynamic, agreable acids.


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