Gere Attila Winery drawing on pillows and curtains

Several iconic chateaux appear on labels, but not many are depicted on textiles. Gere Attila Winery has recently renewed its estate under the leadership of Zoltán Varró designer, the owner of Varrodesign, a world famous hotel designer company.

Funny features

In an interview Zoltán Varró explained that the drawing was just a draft, but finally they decided to use it on different textiles: curtains, pillows, tapestries. Another astonishing feature is the library: here not books, but wines stand on the shelves. Zoltán likes up-to-date, “instagrammable” elements, thus an outdoor fireplace was installed on the terrace.

New summer degustation menu and bubblies in the spa

Mandula restaurant of Gere Attila Estate also has a new, summer degustation menu. The Swabish–Hungarian fine dining, three hour dinner includes dishes like pike perch with dill and squash, duckbreast with cashew, cherry, and croquette or elderberry verjus sorbet.

In the heat of the summer the aerated sparkling wine of the estate, Frici will surely be the favourite of the guests – and now this refreshing bubbly is available in the wellness section of Gere Crocus hotel as well.

The estate has always been worth visiting, now we have some more reasons to pay a visit.

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