God save the vineyard workers! St. Vincent Day in January

God save the vineyard workers! St. Vincent Day in January

Date: 21 January 2017
Location: Villány (and the neighbouring villages)
Type of event: traditional consumer event, some programmes are open air

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-15-30-48Celebrating the patron of the vineyards is a living tradition in Hungary: vineyard workers, winemakers, cellar workers celebrate in their own way: they take a day off and drink wine. Besides their well deserved feast wineries organize pleasant consumer events, most of them offering flexible program points for the whole day. Villány wine region is probably the best destination on the 21st of January.
– In the morning several wineries offer barrel tasting – visitors should choose one of them.
– During the day a buses will take the visitors around to see the famous Kopár, Ördögárok and other vineyards.
– In the evening a handful of wineries offer wine dinners in their cellar or estate building including the famous Óbor restaurant of Bock Cellar and the wonderful Mandula restaurant of Gere Attila Winery.

The program is not translated into English yet on the official website of Villány wine region, but we are happy to help if anyone is interested!


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