Grand tasting of a small wine region – volcanic Somló in Budapest

This Friday – 8 November – Stefánia Palace in Budapest will host wineries from the smallest Hungarian wine region, Somló. It is not only the smallest, but also one of the most exciting with unmistakable taste and indigenous varieties. Olaszrizling, Hárslevelű, Furmint and of course Juhfark are all important varieties of the volcanic mountain, and the tasting will showcase amazing wines full of minerality. Tornai Winery will also exhibit with their IWC Trophy winner wines, guests can taste Csetvei wines from Somló (the winery’s headquarter is in Mór, but they have a vineyard in Somló as well) and Zsirai Winery will also participate. The Zsirai sisters’ main winery is in Mád, Tokaj, but they have vineyards in Villány and Somló, too. ’Somlai’ is a blend of Juhfark, Olaszrizling and Hárslevelű – a true manifestation of the terroir. Creamy, full bodied, layered, long, a real ’Somlai’ – ’Somlói’ means ’from Somló’, and ’Somlai’ is an archaic form but often used by locals.

Tickets for the tasting

More about Zsirai wines (click to watch a video)

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