New vintage Haraszthy wines for ’Witches’ Day’

13 December is a famous day in many European countries, and though folk customs related to witch hunting are loosing popularity – or at least this interest for the dark and mystic creatures is transformed into passion for series like Stranger Things –, but it is still good to come together, telling stories and enjoy warm hearting wines.

Garlic and broom, love and dumplings

Saint Lucia was a virgin martyr in Sicily, who devoted her life to Jesus Christ and was killed for her faith. She is commemorated in many places, in Sweden for example girls with candles greet Nobel prize winners, since the day happens to be the day of the death of Alfred Nobel. In Hungary most folk traditions are in the theme of weather predictions, but witches are protagonists of the day as well: brooms must be kept locked on this day, and Luca’s chair is made so that people can see witches in church when standing on the slowly manufactured piece of furniture in church. Garlic was used abundantly on this day to protect domestic animals and to keep away evil souls. Love is also crucial in traditions: girls would cook dumplings, 12 pieces with each of them containing a piece of paper with a man’s name. They would place the dumplings in boiling water, and the one that comes up first contained the name of the girl’s future husband.

New vintage wines from Haraszthy Winery

How to celebrate Luca day? Of course with wines… a winery located near Budapest, with a short drive you can reach the modern building on top of Öreghegy, and you can enjoy a winery visit or an unforgettable dinner at Matador steak house, the winery’s in house restaurant. As for celebrating Luca day, new vintage Sir Irsai and Haraszthy Pinot Noir wines have just been released!  Sir Irsai is a juicy, aromatic white blend based on Irsai Oliver grape while Pinot Noir Rosé by Haraszthy is one of the best rosé in Hungary every year – partially because Pinot Noir has an ideal location in the cool climate Etyek. Both wines are available from the winery’s webshop and at the partners.

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