Have you heard of Zenit grape?

Zenit is a crossing between Bouvier and Ezerjó grapes created in Pécs Research centre in Hungary by Ferenc Király in 1951, but it was officially recognized only in 1976. Thanks to its good abilities („usefully early ripening”, as it is written in Wine Grapes) Zenit is getting more and more popular. It is relatively easy to cultivate and gives slightly aromatic wines with pleasant, refreshing but not too high acidity. With low yield it can give elegant, subtle wines especially when it is grown on volcanic soil. Sensitive to frost. In Hungary Zenit is grown in Eger, Mátra and North Balaton, and it gives amazing wines in the almost unknown Bükk wine region. Zenit is not a native variety in Somló, but Tornai Winery makes a nice example of the grape. ”Its scent is mixed with citrus, pear and spring flowers. Fresh, vibrant wine, full of fruits, fresh acids, all in harmony. In the aftertaste, slight minerality will appear faintly.”

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