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Have you heard about Kabar grape variety? No? No wonder, it is a grape producted in tiny quantity in a small country – in Hungary. Now, you can learn about this rare varietal in a free webinar by Debbie Gioquindo CSW and Lori Budd. They will certainly taste a bottle of Kabar by Dereszla Winery in Tokaj wine region. The winemaker, Edit Bai will also participate in the webinar speaking about the background of the grape and the wine.

The wine goddess and the explorer


Together, Debbie Gioquindo CSW aka Hudson Valley Wine Goddess and Lori Budd aka Exploring the Wine Glass, explore the wine world one letter at a time.  Each episode, they choose the next letter in the alphabet and discuss either a grape varietal or wine region that begins with that letter.

Throughout the episode, the characteristics and history of the grape are discussed, as well as suggested wine pairings. Each episode ends with five fast facts that a viewer or listener can take away about the grape or region. Additionally, both Debbie and Lori sip on a wine that represents the letter of the month and provide tasting notes.
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After the recording, the episode is uploaded to both Debbie and Lori’s youTube channels as well as the audio being converted into a podcast on each of their podcast channels.

More about Kabar grape and wine

As the sixth registered and allowed grape variety Kabar was born in Tokaj appellation in the ’70s, with breeding of Hárslevelű x Bouvier. Dereszla Winery has been producing this wine since 2004 (first name was its technical number T10), a few thousands bottle per year limited quantity. With a relatively low yield, it ripens early, produces high sugar and is prone to botrytis.100% Kabar grape variety.

For Dereszla Kabar 2018 they picked the grape by hand and selected carefully. Healthy (not shrivelled or botrytised) grapes were brought into the processing plant in small, 25 kgs cases, then pressed with pneumatic press. The wine fermented in new oak barrel, then aged on lees for 6 months with batonnage. The typical linden aromas appear with the vanilla notes from the barrel ageing.

More about Dereszla Winery

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