Complne Napa and Heimann Porkoláb Kadarka from Szekszárd, Hungary

Have you prepared for 20 November International Kadarka Day?

Cheers to the passionate winemakers of Kadarka / Gamza / Cadarcă! Hopefully you can find a Kadarka wine near your home, just like Elizabeth Smith US (photo below) wine writer did: she stocked her Kadarka choice weeks ago. She bought her Kadarka for Compline, a wine shop and wine bar in Napa Valley. If Compline had not been so keen on introducing Hungarian wines to the Californian wine enthusisasts, she would not have entered the Hungarian WebWineWriting contest – at which she actually won one of the 4 categories.

Compline team about the Kadarka in the photo above: Heimann Porkoláb-völgy Kadarka 2020 – you don’t need to even try to pronounce, but you should know that Hungarian Kadarka is one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITEwines at Compline, and this is the producer who shepherded the historic grape through the dark times of communism and back into the light.” The importer when Compline gets Hungarian wines is Danch and Granger Selections. As they say, “Our focus will be centered on (but not limited to) Hungary and its immediate neighbors: Slovakia, Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Romania. We will dig deeper into fewer relationships while at the same time opening up new appellations to the US market and putting an emphasis on organic farming, native grapes, and low intervention winemaking.”

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