Hotter harvest? Problem is solved!

Climate change challanges winemakers in many ways, in Hungary hotter summers, earlier harvest dates at higher temperature is one of the most serious problem wineries face with. Tornai Winery in Somló wine region has just accomplished a new plant with several innovations, one of them is the introduction of cooled mobile soaking tanks. „The first step is to bring the pre-cooled tank by a special forklift to the transport vehicle that brought in the grapes. The truck lifts its load, and pours the grapes into the tank, which is then returned to the dock by the forklift. At the docking walkway, a quick coupler can be used to connect cooling, cooling control and must drain.” Tornai team also solved the Gordian knot regarding gravity grape processing without sufficient vertical space: they created a system using gravity and comply with the philosophy of processing fruit vertically – but with horizontal tools! Tornai Winery has achieved numerous prestigious international acknowledgements in the past years, the consecutive IWC Trophies are one of them. The winery makes every possible effort to maintain this unprecedented series of success, and the brand new plant is a massive part of this effort.

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