Hungarian ‘Garamvári’ bubbles on holiday

This photo was shot in Greece in a dream island, where a bottle of Garamvári Blanc Fleur Brut was taken with the traveller. Travelling is getting extremely complicated these days, no schedule is secured, therefore every moment of this summer’s vacation is even more precious.

Garamvári Blanc Fleur is a single vineyard, bottle fermented sparkling wine made of 100% Pinot Blac. The creator is Vencel Garamvári, the “doyen” of Hungarian quality sparkling wines.

“Flowery bouquet, slim and elegant appearance, refreshing acids, and dainty, pearl-like bubbles. Pinot blanc base wine is fruity, the citrus tastes and bouquet conjure up the mediterranean nights, cleanness of mountain springs. Recommended as accompanying light dishes, vegetables, pastry, fishes and poultry, but it can stand alone as well, chilled to 6 – 7 C⁰. The acidic structure is light and agreeable, thus it is a very much liked sparkling type of the ladies.”

Hungary is among the safest countries with only 4258 COVID–19 cases to date. Citizens of most European countries are allowed to enter without restrictions, but measures keep changing, before travelling, check actual information here.

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