Hungarian wines full of gold in the USA

Competition is really high in wine sector all over the world, and as a recent article reveiled, competition is super strong in the USA. According to Wine Business Monthly, roughly 90 percent of wine sold in the U.S. comes from the 30 top producers, and more than half of the wine sold domestically comes from E. & J. Gallo, The Wine Group and Constellation Brands. The fact that most of the domestic wine sold in this country is produced by a handful of companies is not shocking. What is shocking is that there are now more than 9,000 domestic wineries competing for the remaining 10 percent of sales.. As Tim Carl points out in Napa Register: „…in 2016 the total number of wineries in the United States reached 9,091, with California having the most (4,202) and 1,167 of those being virtual — without a dedicated winery or facility to make and sell their wine; these winemakers making their wine at a custom-crush facility with shared equipment and space. I’ve reported earlier that there are likely more than 1,000 wineries in Napa County alone.”

Denver Golds on Kovács Nimród Winery

Grand Bleu 2011

If domestic wineries struggle for their share, how hard it could be for a foreign winery? Especially one from a tiny country with its strange language. Nimród Kovács, owner of Kovács Nimród Winery in Eger had lived in the USA for many years, made a career in the broadcasting business, and now he uses all his experiences to make his great wines known in his second home, in the States. One definitely effective tool is to participate in prestigious wine competitions, and Denver International Wine Competition is undoubtedly a renowned one. In its latest issue in Kovács Nimród Winery won 6 gold medals with their 6 wines!

  • Grand Bleu, 2011
  • NJK, 2009
  • Furmint, 2011
  • Kekfrankos, 2011
  • Rhapsody, 2011
  • Battonage Chardonnay, 2013

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