Hungary is not as far from Bordeaux!


Hungary is not as far from Bordeaux!

A Bordeaux Blend tasting will take place on 18 November in one of the most glamorous hotels of the capital. The splendour of Corinthia Hotel Budapest matches the ever shining fame of the three red Bordeaux varieties, which are popular all over the winemaking world, and Hungary is not an exception. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot ripen well in the southern wine regions, especially in Villány, but beautiful examples are easy to found in South Balaton wine region, Eger and even in Mátra, which is mostly wellknown for aromatic white wines. The event showcases Bordeaux Blends from all over Hungary from more than 60 wineries. Do not miss the great names from Villány (Gere Attila, Csányi Winery, Vylyan Vineyard and Winery), and don’t forget to sample wines from other regions, here we have our recommendations:


Egri Cabernet Franc–Merlot, Thummerer Winery, 2013

A top winery that has been the favourite of winelovers and wine experts for decades. Precise winemaking, great terroir, everlasting passion. „A matured, fully ripened wine with fine tannins and friendly character. Thanks to the two varieties spicy and fruity notes meet in the wine.”

Garamvári Merlot, Garamvári Winery, South Balaton, 2015

The winery is probably more wellknown for its méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines, but their still wines are equally important – one can see when visiting their winery surrounded by vineyards. „Cherry and forest fruit characters return in its taste, combined with a hint of dark chocolate.” 

Villányi Csanád Cuvée, VinArt Winery, Villány, 2012

VinArt Winery is owned by Csaba Koch, whose main estate is in Hajós–Baja wine region. VinArt might not be the first name that comes to your mind when speaking about Villány, but in fact this winery wins awards after awards. „The wine is made only in outstanding vintages with the barrel selection of the wines made from grapes from the best vineyards.”

Kopár and other icon wines to be sampled

The event will have a Top Wine room as well, where the top Bordeaux Blends can be sampled in professional circumstances, in silence, with the help of sommeliers. This room tasting is not inculded in the price of the entry ticket.

Tickets on the venue: 10 900 HUF (35 euros).
For discount, buy your ticket in advance:

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