Indonesian stew with Somló wine

The editor and founder of has the honour to be a member of the jury of the prestigious Millesima Blog Awards 2019. 5 of the winners have already been announced,  my job as a judge is over, thus now I can freely address my readers to vote for one of the remaining articles, because a 6th winner will be selected by the people who are willing to vote. Charine Tan from Exotic Wine Travel has been travelling the world with her mate Matthew Horkey, their wine videos and articles are more and more well known. The article I suggest you to vote for is a wonderful and mouth watering piece written by Charine. Complex, interesting from beginning to end, the recipe is easy to follow, the wines are described professionally, the match is explained, and the whole article has a lovely, personal touch: „I’ve been told that Somló whites go well with all types of dishes: from rich and savory to spicy and sweet. Robust food, in a nutshell; and that’s what the Hungarian cuisine is about right? That’s what the Indonesian cuisine is all about too. With a four-year-old Szürkebarát from Tornai Pincészet in mind, I embark on a journey back to my childhood.”Voting will close on 10 February, so please, visit the following website, read the articles and vote for the best ones. Charine Tan’s piece can be found in the Food and wine pairing category. And of course it is highly recommended to try both the dish and the wine! This quirky volcanic wine is an excellent match for this rich dish. The acidity and salinity of the wine cut through the sweet, salty, and spicy chicken stew. The food offers a sense of fullness to the wine. Neither the ayam semur nor the Tornai Pincészet Szürkebarát has to fight for attention.”

Millesima Blog Awards 2019

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