Fehérvári Sparkling wines from Somló, Hungary

A great selection of Somló wines in Poland

Volcanic Wines on WinaWulkaniczne.pl

If you love the minerality of the volcanic wines, if you have ever tasted the unmistakable “Somló character” and if you live in Poland, we have good news: a wide range of wines are available from the award winning, bottle fermented Fehérvári sparkling wines through Tornai sweet Zenit to Csetvei RAW/KA Juhfark natural wine.

WinaWulkaniczne.pl is a webshop specialized in volcanic wines from a few countries with the main focus in Hungary. From our country Tokaj and Sopron are also represented for example by Zsirai Winery and Steigler Cellar, but the most products come from a “triangle” of Balaton broader region: Somló, Sümeg and Ság-hill.

The person behind WinaWulkaniczne (and co-owner) is Bartosz Makles, a passionate wine expert, who also writes regularly for Trybuszon Polish wine magazine and provides samples for panel tastings of the magazine. As he commented, “so far there were Juhfark panels, Hungarian endemics (Góhér, Sárfehér, Kéknyelű, Irsai) and volcanic reds from Hungary”.
Bartosz Makles has been to Hungary several times, for example in a recent study tour in Sopron and he also judged at Winelovers Wine Awards in July 2023 in Budapest. As Bartosz explained, he has several private clients who already know and love Hungarian wines, and in the new year he hopes to grow and get B2B clients as well.

See the wine selection of WinaWulkaniczne.pl from Somló wine region

Award winning still and sparkling wines from Fehérvári Wine Estate

The most represented winery on WinaWulkaniczne.pl is undoubtedly Fehérvári Estate with 10 products. If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Hungarian bubbles, it will not be easy to choose between the VinAgora Champion award winner Fehérvári Brut Reserve (made of Furmint, Hárslevelű, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay), the Mundus Vini gold winner Fehérvári Somlói Brut Nature Furmint 2020 or the charming Fehérvári Rosé Brute Reserve which also contains Furmint and Hárslevelű besides the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The estate also has nice selection of still wines including the Mundus Vini gold winner Fehérvári Juhfark Grand Reserve 2021.

More about Fehérvári Wine Estate

Fehérvári Wine Estate website

Fehérvári Grand Reserve Somlói Juhfark
Fehérvári Juhfark Grand Reserve 2021: Elegant, oily, concentrated wine, in which the real face of Somló is revealed to us. A real complex, exciting wine, which can show something new almost every time you taste it, just like Somló itself. A must-try for enthusiasts of specialties.

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