Frittmann Rose

It is not a dog – but a new release rosé wine!

Frittmann Nero Rosé 2021

Nero is a less known grape variety even in Hungary, even though it is capable of amazing rosé wines. Frittmann Winery has just released its 2021 Nero Rosé with matching nose and palate notes”. This rosé is abundant in red berry fruits like cherry, ripened raspberry, rose hip and strawberry. The palate gives an elevating experience due to the red fruit notes and vibrant acidity. An ethereal wine with zest – a true rosé made of a rare variety– said the Frittmanns.

Who is this guy?

Nero is a popular name for a dog in Hungary, but soon we will learn the name as a grape variety is well. Nero is a grape variety selected in Hungary in 1965 by two oenologists, József Csizmazia and László Beleznai. The name refers to the deep colour of the berry, but also to the Roman Emperor of bad reputation. The grape is resistant therefore winemakers need less or no chemical spraying. Another advantage of Nero is that it produces an excessed amount of antioxidant which transfers into the wine, thus its wine might be healthier then wines made of most of the other varieties. Despite the positive characteristics, the grape Nero or Néró is still not very popular, probably because it is categorized as a species of table grape (but it is legal to use it for making wine, the only restriction is that it should not be labelled as PDO – Protected Designation of Origin – wine, but PGI – Protected Geographical Indication wine).

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VinCE Award – The Best Irsai Olivér

Frittmann Winery situated in Kunság wine region, where aromatic grape varieties have special importance, thus the family estate is keen on making the most elegant yet enjoyable wine of Irsai. Frittmann Irsai has recently been chosen The Best Irsai in Hungary by the readers of VinCE Magazine, a leading print wine magazine. And what is the secret? Péter Frittmann has told in an interview how they could raise the reputation of Irsai Olivér and how they manage win both the acknowledgements of the trade and the love of the consumers.

How to raise a grape to heaven?


True Kunság: the beauty of a vast land

Kunság is the largest wine region in Hungary and it is situated in the Great Hungarian Plain. There are neither mountains, nor hills here, yet one of our most famous poets, Sándor Petőfi was in love with this landscape. A recent marketing campaign focuses on the wines of the region called ‘Igazi Kunság’ (‘True Kunság’), because even though this place is not a land of deep, blockbuster red wines, it can give fruity, lighter reds, crispy rosés and delicious, juicy white wines.

The region is also worth a visit with its natural beauties and touristic attractions which range from hand crafted lace through paprika to horse riding – and of course to wine. Frittmann Winery is also featured in a new image video at 3.15.

Watch and travel

Recipe: meat stuffed pancakes with Olívia

Olívia is a fairly new brand of the winery. The family has been working with Generosa, a less known variety for a long time. So the Frittmanns blended Irsai Olivér with Generosa, and thus Olívia was born! The wine is charming, intense on the nose but not overwhelming, like a gracious young lady. Refreshing, juicy and the aromas of ripened grape linger on in our mouth. The two varieties work together perfectly, the result is a super balanced, wonderful refreshing wine!

For a traditional Hungarian recipe to pair with the wine click here.

Frittmann wines are available at Winelovers Webshop. They ship to every European country.


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