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Japanese wine ladies love dry Hungarian wines

If you ask a Japanese wine person about the wine preferences of the nation, he will hurry to add that Japanese palate is very different from the Chinese one, Japanese wine people prefer dry wines. This is clearly proven by the latest results of Hungarian wines at the 8th Sakura Women’s Wine Awards: 6 Hungarian medals (5 gold, 1 silver), and 5 of them went to dry wines. The panel of exclusively female judges evaluated 4562 wines from 32 countries.

Here is our beautiful list of medal winners:

Sauska Villány, 2 gold medals for Sauska Cuvée 13, 2018 and Sauska Cuvée 7, 2017.

Chateau Dereszla, Tokaj, 1 gold medal for Tokaji Semi Dry White, 2017 and 1 silver for Tokaji Furmint Dry, 2019.

Juliet Victor, Tokaj, 1 gold for Betsek Furmint, 2017.

Tokaj Oremus, Tokaj, 1 gold for Mandolás Furmint, 2017

Let us introduce two gold winners!

Sauska Cuvée 13, 2018 – amazing price value

This red wine from Villány is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Kékfrankos, Portugieser and Cabernet Franc. After a quick, accurate selection berries cold-soaked for 3-5 days. Fermented in stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeast to maximize fruit character. Aged in stainless steel and selected used barrels for 8 months.

“Warm ruby red. Aromas of plum, raspberries and freshly baked sourdough bread dominate the nose. On the palate, a lovely outburst of red forest fruits, delicate freshness, clean and balanced finish.”
And only less than 10 euros retail price in Hungary! Certainly Japanese price may be higher (2500–4000 JPY)

More information about Sauska Cuvée 13, 2018

Chateau Dereszla Tokaji Semi Dry White, 2017

Chateau Dereszla has a long history of wine making in Tokaj wine region: the first known written mention of this Bodrogkeresztúr cellar was in the early-15th century when an inventory reports that cellars owned by King Sigismund were used to collect and store wine offered as part of the tithes.

This white wine is a blend of 85% Furmint and 15% Yellow Muscat. Fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.
An intense nose with elegant and rich minerality. A perfect balance of beautiful acids and pleasant residual sugar, ending on a long finish.”

More about Chateau Dereszla

Passionate about food and wine pairing

Another important feature is that they are crazy about food and wine pairing, thus most wines end up on the table next to a home made or restaurant dish. Mami Whelehan wine expert, PR director of Pieroth Japan has a stunning Instagram page with mouth watering food photos and food pairing ideas, and she can give great pieces of advice on what wine to drink with Japanese dishes, for example in this interview with her.

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